Robert Trujillo

President & CEO

Robert Trujillo became President and CEO of Kits With Kindness in November 2021. A founding member of KWK Robert was instrumental in bringing the pet kits to the group. He also assisted with leadership duties such as packing night coordinator, street team lead, and eventually the position of President and CEO. Robert continues to lead KWK according to our mission statement-to inspire hope, spread kindness, restore dignity, and bring about joy to those often overlooked in our society.


In the time since taking over, Robert has secured a grant from the city of Riverside to provide kits to those in need to those in the city. He also planned and executed a successful first in-person fundraiser, several online fundraisers, built partnerships with other non-profits including Faith, Hope, and Change and Second Mile ministries. Finally, as CEO, Robert has collaborated with corporate sponsors La-Z-Boy furniture galleries and Frito Lay to name a few.


 And remember, Kindness DOES matter!

Zack LaGuardia

Zack LaGuardia


Everyone deserves a bit of kindness. Zack was raised on the ideal that kindness costs nothing, but can be worth so much.


Throughout his life and professional career, he has made it his objective to make a difference in the lives of those around him.


Through Kits With Kindness, Zack hopes to inspire others to be kind, while also inciting joy and hope in the recipients of each months’ bags.

Vanessa Arredondo

Chief Development Officer


Secretary/Director of Creative Content

Volunteers of Kindness

Over 400 Members are currently active participants in helping us spread kindness throughout our Community.

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